Indoor Activities

Bollywood Night

Students are dressed in Indian Outfits. It is an Indoor activity where everybody enjoys the Indian Culture. Students can either watch Bollywood movie or dance to the tune of Bollywood music

Thali Night

Thali is an Indian meal made up of a selection of various dishes. Thali dishes vary from region to region in India and are usually served in small bowls on a round tray. Students can either watch Bollywood movie or dance to the tune of Bollywood music

Mehndi workshop

Mehndi is the application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration typical for India. Students can learn the art of henna designs or enjoy being tattooed.

Goan Night

Goan cuisine consists of regional food popular in Goa like chicken, seafood (Prawns, fish), beef and lots of local spices. Goan food is considered incomplete without fish.
It is an In-house activity for the students where they are dressed in Goan outfits and there is a buffet with Goan music.

Pool Party

Students have fun by the pool. Delicious snacks and drinks are served.
You can come and join us for a party full of fun, mouthwatering food, refreshing drinks and games in and around the pool. Students can close the evening with Goan dancing.

Fun Friday!

Fun Friday is a team- based activity, where all the students from different levels participate. It is held on every Friday for an hour. It’s an uncontrolled activity where students are given a chance to display their knowledge through games, fun activity , presentations , debates and creative conversation

Cooking class!

Students learn and participate to prepare Indian Traditional dishes under professional guidance of the Chef. The food prepared by students is later cherished by them. It is held every Tuesday and Thursday.

Yoga !

Yoga is an activity performed 5 days a week. The type of yoga is Ashtanga Vinyasa .It’s practiced under the supervision of a qualified Ayurvedic doctor.